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Soul of Rwanda (SR) is a non governmental organization committed to caring for street children in Rwanda. So many children were neglected during the 1994 Tutsi genocide in Rwanda as well as the wars of infiltrators from the DRC 1997 to 2000. As a result many children remain orphaned and live on the streets. Children have been forced into the worst forms of working, such as transporting heavy luggage for cross-border traders between Rwanda and the DRC. Other children were forced to drop out of school and young girls have nursed babies at an early age. SOR is dedicated to empowering children through sport and acrobatics and providing them with the resources they need to get off the streets and into school.

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 A role model youth and economically empowered.


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  • To remove children from the streets and provide them with basic needs such as food and clothing .
  • To reunite children with their families and seek help for their parents .
  • To educate children who live on the streets and children who are at high risk of dropping out of school, and increase knowledge of vocational training for future careers.
  • To empower children in sports activities to build their confidence.
  • To unlock the talents, purpose and potential of street children.


Assist street children to restore their hope in life through the promotion of their rights, access to education and livelihood in a secure Rwandan family

What we do

Circus Arts