How did Idea of calling our selves Soul of Rwanda come?

The children are soul of the country because kids of today are the future of tomorrow. Young people are the future of every country. With a good education and good mindset they can create powerful things for everyone.

 And street children are the best way because they already know the bad side of life. It’s good to show them love, to show them the best side of life, to show them how strong they could be and how powerful they are.

Because so many kids on street took drugs and alcohol. Get HIV and other chronic disease. And our exercise is to bring them back to a good life, to show them how to create a good life by themselves with just a little support. We should be home for every one of them, a place of love, a family.

Because only a human with soul is a human with heart and a human with heart can create wonderful things!!

That’s the reason why we called our organization soul of Rwanda. Because we have a soul, We have a heart. We are wonderful place for poor kids without any chance, that we show them love and empower their own skills