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Founders of Soul of Rwanda, Jean-Baptiste SENGA and Michael MIGABO, started working with street children in 2013 as volunteers. Their vision to support street boys and girls in their access to education, health care, nutrition, safety and love led to the official launch of a local NGO in March 2019.

Hundreds of children still live on the street and most of them roam around Gisenyi in the markets. These children are categorized into 2 groups: street-based and home-based . Street-based children are those who spend most days and nights on the street and are essentially without family support. Home-based children are those children who spend much of the days on the street but have some family support and usually return home at night. Some home-based children do not attend school because they are forced by their parents to the street as beggars.

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Innocent Bizimungu   is 13 years old ,first born in family of 3 children , he found himself on the street not by choice but fate , his single mom forced him to go  on the street and starting begging claiming the family is too big and that she was not in position to take care of the whole family .

Currently we have 5 children  who got chance to go to school, Sponsored by Three French Families.

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Support my heart project to offer children from the street the opportunity to shape their lives freely according to their will through education, food and the promotion of their creativity.

This is the link to my project: SOUL OF RWANDA My name is Senga Jean Baptiste I have a dream to make the world a bit better. Did you know that children are the soul of a country ?!

Soul Of Rwanda Organisation based in Gisenyi City, Mbugangali Cell 15 Min walk from Gisenyi Bus Station

Jean-Baptiste SENGA

About Founder

Jean-Baptiste SENGA was a former street child 22 years ago when he turned back as a refugee in Congo and arrived in Rwanda. His mother could not find any of her family members because they were all killed during the Genocide against Tutsi at Bisesero in Kibuye where 40000 Tutsi were killed. His mother was consumed with the grief of the loss of her family and the impact of the mental trauma meant that she could no longer care for her son. At 6 years old, Senga was forced to spend most of his time on the street and only returned home at night. At home there was no food they ate once a day or nothing at all.

Senga’s dream was to help other street children get back to school, receive adequate nutrition and secured shelter. Since 2013 Senga began working with street children and fulfilling his dream. Him and his little brother Michael MIGABO would find street children and play football and teach them acrobatics.

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